What We Do
  TechArt Media is a home-based sole proprietorship.  My name is Hunter Harrison.  I am the Owner and Senior Technical Illustrator.  My wife and business partner does Accounting and Bookkeeping for TechArt Media.

  TechArt Media has the capability to accommodate large or small illustration projects.  Technical Illustrations are typically produced using Adobe Illustrator software.  Typical input data for technical illustrations can be from 3D models, engineering drawings, sketches, photographs, actual products or other illustrations.

TechArt Media provides the following services:

Wordless Instructions

Specification Sheets

Illustrations and Renderings for Marketing Materials

Price Lists and Product Catalogs

• Technical Illustrations for Product Support and Marketing (Adobe Illustrator & PhotoShop)

• CAD and Mechnical Engineering (AutoCAD)

• Conversion of 3D Model CAD to Technical Illustrations (Right Hemisphere Deep Exploration)

• Develop Databases and Database Publications, i.e.: Price Lists, etc. (FileMaker Pro)

• Technical Photo Editing (Adobe PhotoShop)

• Develop Product Instructions (Adobe Illustrator and InDesign)

• Photo-Realistic Renderings (Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop and Strata Studio Pro)

• Factory Plant Layouts (AutoCAD)

• Royalty-Free Musical Content for Web Sites

• Basic Web Site Development (Adobe GoLive - this web site developed by TechArt Media)

  Invoicing from TechArt Media is accomplished by emailing an invoice, in PDF Format, to the client.  No paper invoice is mailed.  TechArt Media requires payment for work accomplished within two weeks of Invoice Date.


Rates for technical illustration work are typically priced by the hour.  Prices are discussed with potential new clients individually.

  Quotations for pricing on complete jobs are optional, at the request of the client.

  Quotations are available in two forms:

Hard Quotes are binding prices (typically on the high side to avoid potential financial losses by TechArt Media).  A Hard Quote is a quaranteed price to accomplish the job as originally defined by the client.  Any changes made to the job parameters by the client after the initiation of services by TechArt Media will be compensated separately from the Hard Quote price.  Significant changes by the client to a project after a Hard Quote has been issued can result in voiding the Hard Quote.  A replacement Hard Quote can then be issued if appropriate.

Estimates are verbal, non-binding, best guesses.  Work accomplished when accompanied by an Estimate is worked on an hourly rate.  The estimated cost is not guaranteed to be the final cost.  The Estimate is provided as a general guideline to assist the client in decision making and understanding general parameters of a job before TechArt Media proceeds with work.

TechArt Media will specify, when providing quotes, whether the quote is a Hard Quote or an Estimate.

  Larger quantities of work or longer term projects can positively affect rate and price quotations.